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Red Rock Gazebo Wedding

Red Rock Canyon Private Landing Gazebo Wedding via Helicopter

Fly out to the Red Rock Canyon and over the Las Vegas Strip
This is the Ultimate Wedding Experience
Luxury Limousine Service Included

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Valley of Fire Red Rock Weddings

There are four wedding locations at Valley of Fire. We prefer the 7 Sisters wedding area due to the Large Area, Red Rock Formations and Sunset Photos! 150+ Wedding Photos INCLUDED. We Schedule the Weddings accordingly to the Sunset Time.

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Red Rock Canyon Private Landing Gazebo Wedding via Helicopter

Red Rock Canyon Private Landing Gazebo area via Helicopter

HD Video and 250+ Digital Wedding Photos on average

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Red Rock Weddings

Las Vegas Weddings on the Red Rocks

Luxury Las Vegas Outdoor Weddings

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Red Rock Wedding Information

Wedding Photos

~ Digital Wedding Photos Copyright Released
~ We take as many as Possible
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~ We provide a Download link
~ FaceTime, Facebook live, etc (service depends on your carrier)
~ Guests may take Video with their SmartPhone


Additional Items

~ No Additional Fees for Our Sunset Weddings
~ We encourage late afternoon Weddings
~ Any of the Late Afternoon Wedding Times Provide for Great Wedding Photos



~ It's Your Wedding and we are here to customize it to your preferences
~ Red Rock Canyon/Las Vegas Strip Combo Helicopter Wedding Includes Limo Service
~ From Luxury Limousines, Buses, etc we are here for you


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